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A.R. Ginn
Chairman, CEO
May 25, 2005

I have always respected the Steelox name and feel our industry owes much of its success to these early pioneers. Steelox was formed in the early 1900’s. They survived World War II, the Great Depression and the first energy crisis. They witnessed the first landing on the moon and the triumphs and struggles that followed. They housed airplanes as well as our soldiers. Factories were built to manufacture automobiles, can food and much more. And Steelox was there through it all, supporting the needs of the times they lived in and the people they served. Without its vision of products, technology and marketing, I doubt many of us would be where we are today. The company we’ve long known as Steelox was responsible for many of the innovations our industry has adopted. We at NCI are proud to be a part of this legacy and we welcome Steelox into our family of brands.We produced this brochure for you to reminisce for a few moments and remember how important Steelox was to our industry and how progressive they were. We look forward to working with you.


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