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Welcome to the Steelox website. At an auction in 2005, NCI Building Systems acquired the intellectual property rights for Steelox metal building products. As a result of this acquisition, NCI now offers similar products for previous Steelox users.

MBCI’s BattenLok HS® is modeled after the Steelox LRX and PRX roof panels and MBCI’s ShadowRib™ wall panel is comparable to the SLX wall panel. Both work well on new additions to existing Steelox structures. Steelox trim can be duplicated by MBCI, including the die-formed gutter support, in any one of MBCI’s standard colors. Steelox’ colors are also available as a special order, subject to minimum quantities.

If you would like to receive Steelox updates, please click the contact us link and provide us with your contact information.

We look forward to working with you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We frequently receive inquiries concerning engineering and weathertightness or product warranties on buildings and roofs sold by Steelox before becoming insolvent in 2004. Please note that NCI purchased only the intellectual property rights and not the company. We can often provide the name of an installer in your area who is knowledgeable in the Steelox product line who may be able to help you with installation or product issues. However, MBCI has no warranty records or engineering information on any roofs or buildings that were fabricated and sold by the Steelox company before they became insolvent and is not liable for any warranties issued by Steelox.

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